The Ocean Collection has received its name from the vivid Caribbean Ocean, sweeping its waves across the vast northern coastal line of Colombia. It is from these shores the communities and women cooperatives that we support create stunningly elegant yet playful handmade pieces. The name also refers to the home of the locally and carefully selected sea-shells that these designs are crafted out of. For the Ocean Collection, we’ve chosen to keep the natural wave patterns of the raw shell, reflecting the oceans movements, and offer it in three different themes, inspired by the high flying Condors of Cartagena; the feather - as well as the ocean’s attraction to the Moon; the Half and Full Moon.


To read more about our work on Women Empowerment and Perseverance of Culture together with these incredible women, see our articles on Social Projects. For deeper insight into our perspective on Environmental Sustainability - the biology and history of the different organic materials, as well as a more detailed description of the slow and considerate production process, please see our articles on Organic Materials.  

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