A Gift that keeps on giving

Your Dessaga piece comes in a very special outfit. 

We are serious about sustainability and strive to drive it through the full business model and customer experience. Thus, it is not only your Dessaga jewelry that carries a saga of social and environmental sustainability. So does its packaging. And the letter that comes with it. The full outfit.
The creation of a Dessaga jewelry is an advanced handicraft that requires training in  numerous methods and tools. To reach further and enable empowerment on a broader scale, e.g. for communities living more remotely, we decided to expand the scope to the packaging. 
By delivering your Dessaga piece in a packaging from these communities, we can create greater impact by each Dessaga that reaches it's new home - at the same time offering you an even more unique experience. Since we are working with several different groups, cross vast regions, the packaging will vary - both in type, shape and material. This to capture both the cultural heritage and knowledge of the specific region, as well as to support the local environment.


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