Dessaga works for social and environmental sustainability, with focus on empowering women in developing regions. We do this by offering conscious designs created in accordance to the principles of Fair Trade, out of organic and reused materials.
On a more personal note. One day I decided to leave the corporate life behind, tie my boots on and traveld around the world. An urge to be of service and put my business background to a different use grew stronger as the journey continued. So I embarked on new endeavors, seeking to support communities and cooperatives in remote locations with simple business development. 
Today, we have established partnerships with embassies, institutions as well as local organisations and cooperatives to ensure high quality and sustainability throughout the full process. Through our initiatives we are present across South and Central America, as well as Asia and Africa. 
If you are curious to know more, follow me behind the scenes on the journey of social entrepreneurship in the Founder's Blog.
/Emelie Ekblad 
Proud Founder & CEO Dessaga


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