We've gathered some of the articles written about us. Hope you'll enjoy them! 


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        POD CAST: 

        • SVENSKA NOMADER (Forum for digital nomads), Listen here 
        • Coming: GOOD RELATIONS (Leadership development hub), stay tuned!
        • Coming: LIVE WELL STOCKHOLM (Lifestyle platform), stay tuned! 


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          PHOTOS & CONTENT

          Are you a journalist or blogger and looking for photos or material about Dessaga? Or perhaps interested in a press release or an interview? 

          You are more than welcome to reach out to me directly: or +46 708 97 77 72. 

          /Emelie Ekblad, Founder & CEO  


          • Dessaga works for social and environmental sustainability, with focus at empowering women in developing regions. We do this by offering conscious designs created in accordance to the principles of Fair Trade, out of organic and reused materials. 
          • Dessaga was founded by Emelie Ekblad in August 2016 and has established partnerships with embassies, chambers of commerce as well as local organisations, cooperatives and communities in the region to ensure high quality and sustainability throughout the full process.
          • As of today, Dessaga has small scale production and partnerships in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal. Continuously growing sustainably into new regions. 





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